Cycling Grants

MOBRA Cycling Grant Program

Article 13 – Grants

13.1 If the board feels the budget allows for grant to be awarded, the procedure shall be as follows:

13.1.2 The value and number of grants shall be announced at a public meeting, and a timeline of the application process shall start.

13.2 All grant applicants must be submitted by the scheduled MOBRA member meeting and a representative must be present at said meeting.

13.2.1 The grant will be received and reviewed in two weeks at the Board meeting.

13.2.2 The Board will vote on it and if Unanimous vote is not cast then it will go before the members at the next member meeting held two      weeks later on the 2nd Monday of month.

13.2.3 The result of the grant will then be announced on the website and links on Facebook and Twitter.

13.2.4 Grant will go before members at next meeting for simply majority vote

13.3 Applications must include: goals of program, names of persons responsible, budget breakdown, and timeline of events. And application provided by MOBRA is required. (See Addendum 1)

13.4 Grant applications shall be published for public review before the MOBRA meeting. At the meeting the representative of each application will be able to provide more information as asked by the board and voting members.

13.5 After grants are awarded, a representative is required to attend two further MOBRA meetings. At the May and September MOBRA meeting held on the 2nd Monday as well as give a FINAL REPORT at the annual meeting held in November on the 2nd Monday of the program to offer a progress report on the program. Then also at the end of the program to provide a final report.

13.6 All use of grant funds must be documented, and copies of receipts must be sent to the MOBRA board.

13.7 If goals, as stated in grant application, are not met all materials purchased with grant funds will become the property of MOBRA

File to download: cycling-grant-instructions-and-application