December Mtg Minutes


LA Agreement discussion
– How will changes to the license rebate program impact MOBRA?
– We are still waiting on Q1-3 checks from USAC
– 2018 agreement MOBRA will be purchasing insurance from USAC for $300

USACycling Summits should be announced (Jan 2018) Brady Kiss to attend

BARR discussion
– Race manager has the ability to create a promotion to track totals. Race directors must use a BARR standard promotion in order for it to work
– Cost $400/ month
– Mike to look into renegotiate cost
– Officials get great start lists for officials from race manager
– USAC database does not currently work with race formats
– Host a “how to use race manager” training session

General discussion
– How do you attract more racers?
– State Championships Jersey To be handed out at Banquet
– Otherwise can be picked up at Big Shark- Big Bend
– If out of town, can be mailed.


2016 MOBRA Championship Winners

Congratulations to our 2016 MOBRA Championship winners.

All who won a championship will be recognized  at the 2016 awards banquet to be held on 18-Feb. Each will receive a MOBRA championship jersey. Please plan to attend and celebrate their accomplishments.

Updated (2x): The original and replacement documents contained errors. The attached document corrects them. Please let us know of any others you find.

Updated (2-Feb): New and improved version now includes MTB champions

USACycling 2 year license offer

If you’re a previously licensed rider who hasn’t renewed your license this year watch your inbox for an email from USACycling. The offer will get you a license for the remainder of this year and all of next year for $25 less than the cost of both licenses combined.

This is an especially attractive deal for CX racers who have not renewed yet this year because they didn’t race road or MTB. With this program you’ll be able to get 2 seasons of CX at a really good price.

Details coming soon