Official’s C Clinic and Motor Clinic

Mid-west Motor C Clinic
Sunday, April 26
St. Louis (exact address emailed to you)
9 AM – 4 PM
Instructor: Frank Mackzum
Fee: $35.00
An entry level clinic for C level or higher officials who are interested in becoming a motor official or a timeboard official.  The class concludes with a test; those who pass become a Moto C (if you have a motorcycle license) or a Moto P (passenger).
Pre-requisite: you must be at least a level C official to take this class.  If you are planning to work as a motor, you must have a valid driver’s license and insurance, and will be required to submit a Motor Vehicle Report through USA Cycling.
C Clinic
Saturday, April 25
St. Louis (exact address emailed to you)
9 AM – 4 PM
Instructor: Sara Rodney
Fee: none
This class is being taught for those who need a regular official’s C class in order to take the Moto class above.  You may also take just this class in order to become a beginner official.  The class will cover the basics of officiating as an entry-level official and will conclude with an open rule book test.  Bring your computer/iPad/device: printed 2015 rule books are still not out and the search function makes looking up rules super easy.
Contact Sara Rodney for more information:

Winter Meeting for Missouri Officials

The Annual Winter Meeting for Missouri Officials is this weekend.  All Missouri Officials are invited as well as anyone who is interested in becoming an official or learning more about it.  Email Sara Rodney ( with any questions.  Date, time, location, and agenda are below.
Sunday, February 15
2:00 PM
Intellectual Commons at Whitfield School
Whitfield School
175 South Mason Rd
St. Louis, MO 63119
The agenda is as follows:

Sedalia / Otterville scheduled for August 23-24

Don’t be confused by the pending/cancelled permits on USA Cycling.  The promoter for the Sedalia Criterium and the Otterville Road Race is working on combining the permit for both races into one event.  Once the merge is complete, you will see one permitted event on USA Cycling that includes both races.  They are both BAR races, so keep these Missouri favorites on your calendar!

March MOBRA Meeting Recap

Technology is a wonderful thing, until it fails to perform. Such was the case as the MOBRA board once gain tried to establish some sort of conference call/dial-in feature during its meetings. After all, If it’s too crappy out to ride, it’s likely to be too crappy to drive your car to a meeting. So how do we make sure we get the word out to the MOBRA membership when we have folks who don’t have time to attend in person? We really thought technology would be the answer. Alas, technology left us stranded like a new racer without a UCI Pro Team kit. As a result, much of our deliberations about important stuff, like the track grant application, was fragmented, unintelligible, and as clear as a CX bib number on a muddy day. If anyone knows of a convenient corporate conference room available at no-cost, please let us know.
The MOBRA board decided several months ago that it ought to support grass-roots efforts aimed at promoting ridership in Missouri. This led to the announcement several months ago that MOBRA would award up to three separate grants of up to $1,000 each. Awards would go to MOBRA members after they present a grant proposal of appropriate quality and merit. Exact criteria for the awards of the grants is still in process of being fine-tuned (hammered out?). On Monday, the MOBRA board and its membership discussed the application submitted by representatives of the track program. This program seeks to use the funds to increase ridership at the track by holding a number of junior track racing clinics. The 2014 season is to be used to start a pilot program, and a full-fledged program with strong outreach to local communities is expected to be implemented during the 2015 season. The track agreed to work with the MOBRA board to develop general guidelines for accountability. The track grant proposal was discussed at length, but probably far longer than would have been the case if all of those participating in the conference call could have heard the proceedings clearly.
During the remainder of the meeting, a number of cycling-related topics were identified for future discussion. A ranking system was developed to determine which topics will be covered at the next three upcoming meetings. Please see the meeting minutes for details.
After the exhaustive discussion on the track grant proposal, no time was spent on the mundane topics of running MOBRA. So if you’re itching to find out the status of the USA Cycling LA application, or the budget, it will have to wait until next month.
The above is an unofficial narrative of the proceedings that occurred at the 3/10/2014 MOBRA board and member meeting.

Want to become an Official?

1. Congratulate an official (read below – we have a new Level A official in Missouri).

2. Become an official (an entry level C Clinic being offered on March 29).


Those of you who race may not realize this, but like racers, officials have categories too.  Someone who is interested in officiating can get started by taking a one-day C Clinic and passing an open-book test based on the rulebook.  There is a C Clinic being offered again this year on March 29, from 9 AM – 3 PM.  If you know someone who is interested, please have them contact Sara Rodney (

Last year we had eight new officials join our ranks, and you have seen them working at the races already.  Most of these new officials are having so much fun that they are working on their B Modules.  These modules are like taking an online course.  You have to work certain races with certain jobs, take pretests, fill out post evaluations and have the Chief Referee sign off on them.  This process takes at least two years, and once all 11 required modules are completed, an official is advanced to level B.  B level officials and above are those officials who work as the Chief Referee here locally.

The next level up from B is A (I know, the progression makes sense, right?).  Level A officials have the opportunity to earn assignments at National level events.  For example, the chief judge at Gateway Cup this year must be level A or higher, since it is now a National Criterium Calendar (NCC) event.  We have a brand-spanking-new, hot-off-the-press A Level official: Marijn Braadbaart (yes, that same guy who is Missouri Official of the Year for 2013). Marijn attended a three-day course this past weekend and passed the test, which is based on a written exam, an oral exam, and class participation.  Please offer Marijn congratulations when you see him next!

Marijn Braadbaart named Missouri Official of the Year for 2013

Marijn Braadbaart named Missouri Official of the Year for 2013

Congratulations to Marijn Braadbaart, Missouri’s 2013 Official of the Year. During the last year, Marijn was the Chief Referee for local events like the the Belleville Crit, O’Fallon Gold Cup, and the Great Egyptian Omnium. You’ve also seen him as a motor official at races like Hillsboro, Tour de Grove and Gateway Cup. Marijn was upgraded to the officiating rank of Moto B this fall.