MOBRA Meeting Minutes – January 2019

Calendar – Mark Ewers

All races currently known at the time of the meeting are on the calendar at Race Directors were contacted multiple times from early December to populate the calendar. Any RD interested in fielding a race on any open date on the calendar should contact Mark Ewers /

State Championship Race Calendar – Mark Ewers

Applications were received for each state championship discipline overseen by MOBRA. The 2019 State Championship race lineup is as follows:

  • Criterium – Florissant Valley Criterium / 4-Aug
  • Road Race – Truman Cup Road Race / 20-Jul
  • Time Trial – TBA / 3-Aug
  • Cyclocross – Floody CX / TBA early December

The Time Trial venue is TBA because Mike Weiss is considering alternative locations due to deteriorating road conditions at the Centralia location.

The Cyclocross date will be announced after CX race directors have had a chance to discuss and decide the overall 2019 race season calendar.


Julie Carter is investigating whether an officials’ C-Clinic will be held this year with Sara Rodney, MOBRA Officials Coordinator. Julie will also reach out to Sara to alert the officials team of the latest calendar dates

BAR – Amy Strahan

Amy expressed concern the MOBRA by-laws document is out of sync with current BAR rules and categories. An effort is underway, led by Mark Ewers, to collaboratively update the by-laws document. Points which need addressing are:

  • The by-laws do not cover current BAR categories, which encompass Cat 5 for women since the USACycling rule change a few years ago.
  • Confusion and misunderstanding regarding the recognition-only award status for Men and Women Cat 4/5 BAR competitions.
  • Other smaller details which have become outdated since the last by-law revisions were made in 2015

As an outcome of the BAR discussion it was agreed to and decided the job of Permitting Coordinator would move to Amy Strahan going forward. This will consolidate the permitting and BAR processes under one person, streamlining and thus improving the entire process for Race Directors. The MOBRA board wishes to thank Mark Ewers for his many years serving as Permit Coordinator for MOBRA.

State Championship Jerseys – Mike Weiss

Good to go! Construction at Penrose Velodrome last year prevented any State Championship events from taking place. Consequently MOBRA currently has plenty of jerseys for the time being.