Topics and discussion from MOBRA mtg – 11-Feb-2018

Race Categories & BAR

There is a difference between field winners, BAR category points awarding, and champions at championship races. In a race such as the MO State Road Race (Froze Toes this year), all Masters championship categories may race together in a single field. How are awards/points/jerseys handled? The following guidelines apply:

  1. Any field comprised of multiple BAR categories will need to be scored according to those categories for the purpose of awarding BAR points. The results of this scoring exercise would be used solely for BAR. These results have no bearing on payouts, championship jersey or medals awards.
  2. Payouts are determined according to the method set out by the Race Director (RD). This method is described on the race flyer. All competitors in each field designation are eligible for payouts.
  3. Jerseys will be determined and awarded according to championship categories and classes. For fields where there are insufficient competitors (e.g. A Masters 45-49 field with only 2 riders), the RD and and head official may decide (typically with rider discussion/involvement in the decision) to combine championship fields in order to meet the 3 rider minimum required to award a jersey. In such a case only 1 championship jersey would be awarded to the champion of the combined category/class. Certainly the decision may be to race categories as-is. For example, if the above-mentioned 45-49 field with only 2 riders could only be combined with much larger 40-44 or 50-54 fields, this could be seen as unfair to the 2 riders. In such a case the decision may be to not combine fields. However, because the field has only 2 competitors no jersey would be awarded. In this case the winner in such a competition would have the option of purchasing the jersey.
  4. Medals awarding determination is exactly the same as that of jerseys above. The only exception is that medals are always awarded, regardless of competitor account.
  5. Out-of-state competitors are not eligible for jersey or medals awards. Further, a maximum of 1 out-of-state competitors will count as the number of competitors contesting a jersey. For example, our Masters 45-49 field with 2 MO resident riders and 1 out-of-state rider could compete for a jersey (which could only be awarded to a MO resident). If the same field contained only 1 MO rider and 2 or more out-of-state riders, no jersey would be awarded.
  • Note: The above are not new rules or guidelines. No changes were discussed, and no changes have been proposed.

New race series in Forest Park

St. Louis Alderman and bike racer Scott Ogilvie announced he will be promoting a series of 3 events on Thursdays in late April and early May. The race format will be distance-based on a circuit in Forest Park.

Penrose renovation

Scott Ogilvie reported the City of St. Louis has accumulated funds for the renovation of the Penrose Park Velodrome. The funds committed are within $80k of the minimum required to renovate the track. Scott is optimistic the additional funds can be allocated and the project green-lit. The plan as proposed would provide for a new concrete surface which would be anchored by a foundation, giving the renovation a life-span of up to 20 years. Plans also include installation of a drainage system in the track infield.

BAR scoring

Josh Carter and Amy Strahan will discuss transitioning BAR scoring responsibilities to Amy.

Board Elections

Elections for the MOBRA board were to have taken place in November but did not. This means MOBRA is currently operating with only 4 current-term board members: Brady Kiss, Marijn Braadbaart, Mark Ewers, and Mike Weiss. Mark Ewers proposed holding a special election at the March meeting where the unfilled seats would be elected. The positions which expired in November were held by B.J. Keane, Jen Schook, Josh Carter, and Nick Hand.

Nominations for open board positions are currently open. Anyone wishing to nominate or be nominated should contact Mark Ewers with qualifications and a brief statement about the nominee what he/she will bring to the board.

Race Director and Club Involvement

Marijn proposed to lead an initiative to bring RDs and clubs into closer contact with MOBRA with an objective to grow bike racing and participation in the sport. If you head a club or promote one or more races, look for Marijn to reach out to you for input and involvement. Better yet, reach out to Marijn with any ideas or input you might already have.

State Championship Jerseys on order

State jerseys are on order and will be available for distribution on receipt.