December Mtg Minutes


LA Agreement discussion
– How will changes to the license rebate program impact MOBRA?
– We are still waiting on Q1-3 checks from USAC
– 2018 agreement MOBRA will be purchasing insurance from USAC for $300

USACycling Summits should be announced (Jan 2018) Brady Kiss to attend

BARR discussion
– Race manager has the ability to create a promotion to track totals. Race directors must use a BARR standard promotion in order for it to work
– Cost $400/ month
– Mike to look into renegotiate cost
– Officials get great start lists for officials from race manager
– USAC database does not currently work with race formats
– Host a “how to use race manager” training session

General discussion
– How do you attract more racers?
– State Championships Jersey To be handed out at Banquet
– Otherwise can be picked up at Big Shark- Big Bend
– If out of town, can be mailed.


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