MOBRA has Lost a Dear Friend

It is with a heavy heart we pass along some sad news this morning. Today MOBRA lost a life-long friend and bicycling advocate, Mike Murray, to cancer.

Our most heartfelt condolences to Mike’s family.

Mike’s funeral will be on Monday at the St. Louis Cathedral at 10:00 am. A remembrance and gathering will take place at the Visitor’s Center in Forest Park on Sunday from 3:00 pm to 6:00 or so.


One thought on “MOBRA has Lost a Dear Friend

  1. Mike was our first Chief Referee when the Joe Martin Stage Race got on the National Race Calendar 14 years ago. A funny story about our relationship that first year was that I had no clue what I was doing combined with all the confidence in the world. I think he knew that and subsequently jerked my chain pretty hard the first year. He proposed changing the finish of the Friday road race (less than 24 hours before the race). I couldn’t believe what was happening and how could someone propose such a change. We got in the car and drove the course while he was grilling me on every detail. Fortunately I answered all his questions and concerns. The race was successful as a first-year pro race could be and the rest is history. Mike was also a perfect gentleman and endured himself to my mother who picked up and dropped off Mike at the airport. Both always asked about the other one. Mike will certainly be missed and I’m sad for the loss, but I know he is free of cancer and living as we were meant. He has gone home to the Father.

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