Only 2 days left to submit your nomination forms for 1 of the 5 board positions up for re-election.

The Board Positions up for re-election Nov 2015 are:
Reid Cranmer
Sean Thurman
Nick Hand
Kayce Shelton
B.j. Keane

Positions up for re-election in Nov 2016
Mike Weiss
Jennifer Schook
Brian Dziewa
Mark Ewers

No forms will be accepted after 10/31. Elections will take place at the MOBRA meeting Nov 9. See by-laws for voting rights.

  1. MO Lic. Rider
  2. Only 1 MO Lic. Rider votes as team Rep for entire team
  3. Un-attached MO Lic. Riders collectively get 1 vote.
  4. Each Board member get 1 vote

Nov 1 forms will be posted on the website for your reveiw.


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