Things you need to know!

Last night the January MOBRA meeting was held!

A quick recap on attendees, Momentum Racing was present as well was Mercy from Springfield via teleconference. Race Director and USAC Official, Aaro Froase was also on the phone call. All board members were present.

Voting members were the MOBRA Board of Bj Keane, Nick Hand, Reid Cranmer, Sean Thurman, Mike Weiss, Sara Rodney, Kayce Shelton and Mark Ewers. Momentum Racing’s voting member was Jeff Maassen.

The Mercy team was primarily on the phone to discuss MOBRA buying officiating equipment for the southwestern region of the state so there wasn’t a reliance upon someone from St. Louis driving equipment down there. They have a Chief USAC Official residing there as well as two Level B officials who will be using and managing the equipment. They have an estimated 12-15 races in that area that the equipment will be used for. Those include main races as well two different summer series. MOBRA approved a starting budget of $1000 to start getting equipment. See more details in the minutes from meeting.

The State Championship Application process deadline was November 30. We received by the deadline applications for the State Crit and State TT. Both were approved for the same venues as last year at the December meeting. MOBRA still hadn’t received an application for the State RR. In the final hours of last nights meeting, MOBRA received an application from Rolla’s course and from Aaro Froese, for a State RR on the Froze Toes course held on July 18 and possibly in conjunction with the Show Me State Games. After much deliberation among the present members and members on the phone, MOBRA voted on both venues with a tie. Mercy members and Aaro were not present on the phone at the time of voting. They decided to disconnect.

A roll call vote was taken. Voting Members for Rolla were: Mark Ewers, Kayce Shelton, Jeff Maassen, Mike Weiss and Sara Rodney. Voting members for Columbia were Reid Cranmer, Bj Keane, Nick Hand and Sean Thurman.  With a vote of 5 to 4 the 2015 MO State Road Race Championship will be held in Rolla, MO. These votes are important. Only ONE racing team outside of the board members voted on the State RR. See more details in the minutes from the meeting.

We try to express at length the importance of YOUR voice and for every team that has a stake in MO Bike Racing to be present at these meetings. The board wasn’t designed to be THE VOICE. It was designed to make sure all of the things that are important to growing cycling in MO were on point and being carried out. There are certain things that the Board is responsible for like voting on budgets and approving applications. But when it comes down to what IMPACTS racers and teams, YOU ARE THE VOICE. We just haven’t heard much from you despite trying to get you involved. That makes the Board’s job a little more difficult. The Board representation is as follows: 2 members affiliated with Big Shark Bicycle Co., 1 Track Committee Member, 2 USAC Officials and 3 members affiliated with Quantum Racing. Two MO racing teams, 1 Track Committee Member and 2 USAC Officials. That isn’t exactly the biggest representation of the whole State. We do it though because no one else would step up and I think we all love this sport of cycling so much. In important meetings such as this one, it VITALLY important that more teams and individuals SHARE THEIR VOICE!

The calendar is approved, the State Championships decided, the BAR Series set and with that Froze Toes is just a month away. Best of luck to all of you in 2015.


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