MOBRA Celebration – this Saturday!

MOBRA Celebrates a great year in bike racing. Following the Gateway Cross Cup this Saturday, October 25, we will celebrate the accomplishments of those who won the 2014 BAR Points Championships. And because MOBRA hasn’t hosted this event since 2010, we will be honoring those that won BAR in 2011, 2012 and 2013 also.

It has been a rather special year for MOBRA and a lot of individuals that race in our state. We will also be recognizing 2 Collegiate Champions, 3 National Champions and 2 World Champions.

There will be food, drinks, music, photo ops and definitely fellowship with our friends from the community. Come out and congratulate those on a successful season of bike racing.

The awards program will start at 8:30 and doors will open at 8:00. The venue is The Gathering Place located at 550 Vance Rd. in Valley Park, MO. It is next door to Tj Wings. Each MOBRA rider, UCI guest from Gateway, and guests racing Gateway Cross from out of town are welcome to come and enjoy the party. Please bring a +1 if you want. This is a bar atmosphere so we ask that you don’t bring children.

MOBRA looks forward to celebrating the year with each of you!

2014 MOBRA Score Listings

MOBRA Celebration – Mark you calendars!

There will be a celebration hosted by MOBRA at The Gathering Place in Valley Park immediately following Gateway Cross Cup on Saturday, October 25. The main celebration will be to honor the 2014 BAR winners. We will also honor the past recipients who didn’t get their own celebration. More details coming soon. Mark your calendars!




Photo Ops



REMINDER – MOBRA Meeting Tomorrow

Concordia Seminary

801 Seminary Place

Sieck Hall (Building 21, 2nd Floor)

St. Louis, MO 63105

8:00 – 9:00 pm

Anyone wanting to call in from Columbia, Springfield or Kansas City please let me know if you will be on the conference call.

Topics Include:

Board Nominations – Due this month for elections in November (per by-laws, nominations will be posted on two prior to November MOBRA meeting.) Nomination Form linked here

Board Nomination form

Elections in November

State Championship applications for November

Event Scheduling




MOBRA By-laws Approval Needed by membership

I know what you are thinking. “I do not have the time to read a 25-page document.” Well, you might want to take a look at this one. If you have a valid USAC license and live in MO, race for a club or team, and/or are a race director or promoter I would pay close attention to the sections pertaining to membership, voting, BAR, and event scheduling. There have been some changes to the way we have facilitated these procedures in the past.

Monday, September 8, 2014, at the monthly MOBRA meeting, the FINAL by-laws will be submitted and there will be a NO or YES approval vote taken. Last month, the board and MOBRA membership in attendance went through the draft and made changes and approved the changes. September’s vote is for making them LAW. After it is approved, the voting members can amend the document later. Or if it isn’t approved then we will have to make the changes and try the vote again. As it stands, the way we vote currently, is ONE member from a team/club votes. It is hard to use attendance at these meetings as a barometer to gauge YOUR interest level simply because not many people attend. WE HAVE TO CHANGE THIS! Positive change is happening. Please show an interest and be a part of it. Come to the meetings. Share your voice and let’s continue to grow cycling and racing in MO together. I would suggest reading the by-laws here or printing a copy and let your club/team Rep know how you feel so they can come to the meeting and vote. Thank you for your involvement.


Two HUGE announcements to upcoming racing schedule!

1. The Women’s 4 race at Edwardsville this Saturday is changed to meet MOBAR criteria to a Women’s 3/4 race. The other Women’s category will be a Women’s open race.



2. It has been announced today, the Otterville RR has been canceled.

NEW MOBRA SESSION STARTS Monday, August 11, 2014. 8:00 pm-9:00 pm

Calling all USAC MOBRA members. If you have a USA Cycling license and live in MO then you are a member of MOBRA. The Missouri Bike Racing Association. MOBRA meetings are held usually every second Monday of the month. MOBRA took 2 months off this summer to get ready for what will be a HUGE year for MOBRA in 2014/2015. Monday’s main meeting topic will be the updated and proposed NEW by-laws for which how MOBRA will operate moving forward. MOBRA has had by-laws listed on the website for quite some time; however, MOBRA has operated mostly under a completely different structure for at least the last two sessions. Most of the amendments in the current by-laws are simply out of date. This was something that has been desperately needed for several years.

The truth is, MOBRA isn’t just made up of 9 board members. It is made up of the several hundred licensed USAC riders that fall underneath its umbrella as members. You are the driving force behind what MOBRA does. Under the current by-laws, they state that ONE representative from each club or team gets a VOTE representing the majority for their team or club. Therefore, this meeting is designed as such that you get to print off the proposed changes, discuss prior to the meeting Monday, then attend the meeting and voice your concerns or praises for the changes. In SEPTEMBER, you will then vote on making these changes permanent unless the team or club reps feel a vote can be taken after discussion Monday.

The MOBRA meetings are held at Concordia Seminary, located at the following address:

801 Seminary Place

Sieck Hall (Building 21), 2nd Floor

St. Louis, MO 63105

For those of you that are in Columbia, Springfield and Kansas City we have a teleconferencing system for you to call into and still be a part of the meeting. The system has been upgraded a bit so the last few calls have gone pretty well. Don’t let the distance deter you from getting involved. A separate email will be sent to most of you in those areas with the call in number and passcode.

Just a note on the by-laws. Article 10 is about BAR. Best All-Around Rider competition. This is the only article in the changes that we have been currently using.

Attached are the changes. MOBRA Bylaws-May 12


Sedalia / Otterville scheduled for August 23-24

Don’t be confused by the pending/cancelled permits on USA Cycling.  The promoter for the Sedalia Criterium and the Otterville Road Race is working on combining the permit for both races into one event.  Once the merge is complete, you will see one permitted event on USA Cycling that includes both races.  They are both BAR races, so keep these Missouri favorites on your calendar!