Only 2 days left to submit your nomination forms for 1 of the 5 board positions up for re-election.

The Board Positions up for re-election Nov 2015 are:
Reid Cranmer
Sean Thurman
Nick Hand
Kayce Shelton
B.j. Keane

Positions up for re-election in Nov 2016
Mike Weiss
Jennifer Schook
Brian Dziewa
Mark Ewers

No forms will be accepted after 10/31. Elections will take place at the MOBRA meeting Nov 9. See by-laws for voting rights.

  1. MO Lic. Rider
  2. Only 1 MO Lic. Rider votes as team Rep for entire team
  3. Un-attached MO Lic. Riders collectively get 1 vote.
  4. Each Board member get 1 vote

Nov 1 forms will be posted on the website for your reveiw.



by last day of month – all race and event dates (established races get priority on their usual weekend)

>Dates for new events and races will be put on calendar of open weekends based on a first come first serve basis.

>>Dates will be ratified at the November meeting

by last day of month – nomination forms submitted to for the 5 board members up for re-election. Anyone can be nominated for position and the vote for each board member position will take place at the November membership meeting. (see applications)


Race Directors vying for State Championship Races (TT, Road, Crit, Cross, and Track) MUST submit your state application by the last day of November to a board member. (see applications)

>State Championship venues are ratified at the December meeting


Race Directors wanting their events to be a part of BAR based on meeting all BAR criteria the year prior MUST submit their BAR application by last day of December.

>>BAR events will be ratified at the January meeting.


Meeting times have changed!!!!!

MOBRA will be meeting on the 2nd Monday in October at 7pm. See Meeting Logistics for location.

October’s Meeting will consist of the following agenda items:

BAR verbiage on combined fields at races, not just inclusive to UCI events. -Follow up from September’s discussion.

Finances – budget report

State Championship Jersey update

Solidifying calendar dates

Nomination forms due by end of October. Vote on board members will be at November meeting. You can find forms under applications. See September minutes for incumbent board members seeking re-election.



2nd Monday – MOBRA Mtg Tonight!

Discussion points for tonight’s meeting and in no particular order.

Women’s racing follow up(conference calls?, State Crit only had 16 total women; only 4 in P12.

Overall attendance at State Crit down 10%

MOCC follow up

updated by-laws changes

Send me a private message if you need the conference call service.


There are new podium pics in the Racing gallery.

The MOBRA meeting is tomorrow night. See meeting logistics for time and location.

The main topic of conversation will be on the MOCC discussion. The Missouri Crit Calendar series idea was brought up months ago at a member meeting. Similar idea to the NCC calendar. MOBRA would facilitate a calendar of select C Level and higher Crit races within the state of MO and possibly a short distance across the borders and process them similar to BAR. If you have ideas or thoughts or simply want to hear from the Sub-Commitee for the MOCC has to say please attend.

Normal business will also take place.