2015 O’Fallon Cup Criterium


Men's 3

Men’s Cat 3

1st Place – Spencer Seggebruch

2nd Place – Leo Smith

3rd Place – Clay Steinkuhler

4th Place – Ryan Toedebusch

5th Place – Austin Gomes

Men's 4

Men’s Cat 4

1st Place – Chris Pilarski

2nd Place – Mark Hitzhusen

3rd Place – Ben Gramling


Men’s Cat P123

First Place – Scott Williamson

Second Place – Chris Curran

Third Place – Micah Engle

Fourth Place – Casey Saunders

Fifth Place – John “Jp” Holden

Women's 1-2

Women’s Cat 1/2

1st Place – Britta Siegel

2nd Place – Lindsey Durst

3rd Place – Heather Hill

Women's 3-4

Women’s Cat 3/4

1st Place – Kyrstin Bluhm

2nd Place – Katie Bockersman

3rd Place – Jennifer Schook


Men’s Master’s

1st Place – John Marbarger

2nd Place – Mike Bobelak

3rd Place – Ben Beger

Junior Men 15-18

Junior Men 15-18

1st Place – Jake Olwig

2nd Place – Alex Panchat

3rd Place – Nicholas Biundo

Junior Girls 9-14

Junior Girls 9-14

1st Place – Melissa Gomes

Junior Boys 9-14

Junior Boy’s 9-14

1st Place – Nick McClellan

2nd Place -Nicholas Gomes

3rd Place – Joey Mitrelberg

Cat 5

Men’s Cat 5

1st Place – Justin Sedgley

2nd Place – Matthew Twedt

3rd Place – Hugh Greenstreet

Cat 4:5

Men’s Cat 4/5

1st Place – Mark DeBoer

2nd Place -Justin Sedgley

3rd Place – John Slosar


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