MOBRA Meeting Agenda for Aug-2016

  1. Bylaw Amendment – table for Sept meeting pending new edits
  2. CX state championship race applications – review & vote
  3. State Championship Categories to be listed in the bylaws – assign owner
  4. Previously approved BARR bylaws amendment about overlapping categories – completed?
  5. O’Fallon Cup Criterium: in good standing
  6. Bylaw amendment: State Championship races with USAC rule book guidelines – assign owner
  7. Amy Strahan: Women’s Masters Categories proposal

July MOBRA Mtg Agenda

MOBRA’s July agenda is set. In addition to regular business there are a few items you may be very interested in:

  1. BARR category consistency year-to-year
  2. Inclusion of one or more Masters Women categories in BARR
  3. Alignment of BARR race distance requirements with category upgrade requirements
  4. Vote on state championship race selection by-law amendment
As always all comments and feedback are welcome
The July meeting will be held in the usual place on the 2nd floor of Sieck Hall, Concordia Seminary, at 7:00PM on July 11th

MOBRA has Lost a Dear Friend

It is with a heavy heart we pass along some sad news this morning. Today MOBRA lost a life-long friend and bicycling advocate, Mike Murray, to cancer.

Our most heartfelt condolences to Mike’s family.

Mike’s funeral will be on Monday at the St. Louis Cathedral at 10:00 am. A remembrance and gathering will take place at the Visitor’s Center in Forest Park on Sunday from 3:00 pm to 6:00 or so.

USACycling New Officials Clinic

MOBRA Officials Coordinator Sara Rodney has just announced the availability of a clinic for prospective officials.

Saturday, March 5
9 AM-4 PM
Ross & Baruzzini
6 Old Orchard
St. Louis, MO 63119

New this year, all clubs get a free new official’s license for any one club/team member. The only thing standing between your USACycling racing license and your official’s license is this class .

If you or someone in your club is interested in becoming an official please contact Sara directly by email:

O’Fallon Grand Prix to Host the 2016 MO State Championship Road Race

Brian Dziewa, Chairman of the Board at MOBRA, made the following announcement yesterday:

Today, the MOBRA Board officially approved the O’Fallon Grand Prix as the 2016 Missouri State Road Race.

MOBRA bylaws require applications for State Championship events to be submitted by the end of November and that the Board vote and approve the Championship events at the December meeting. Unfortunately, the Board did not timely receive any applications for the 2016 road race championship.

The Board provided notice to the riders that it was still seeking applications for the road race championship. Subsequently, the Board received an application from the OGP to be the state championship road race. Although in Illinois, the OGP has been a regular event on the BARR calendar for several years and the road course is a worthy championship course. At the time the Board received the OGP application nearly two months had passed since the application deadline. Based on the timing, the Board decided to vote on the application and approved it.

Less than ten days later the Board received another application for the Championship to be held in Augusta. Upon receipt of the second application, the bylaws were reviewed and it was determined that for procedural reasons the Board needed to vote again. The Board regrets the confusion that this caused and decided to do what was best for the Board and the riders it serves.

As such, we re-voted today taking both applications into consideration. Both races are very strong candidates based on the qualifications–precedent of race, course, and promoting experience. Ultimately, the Board reaffirmed its earlier decision to grant the state road race championship to the OGP.

The Board wants to express that it is willing to work with and support all Missouri Race Directors in their efforts to create new and grow existing road races in Missouri. Furthermore, the Board hopes that every year it will have more applications to choose from.

As stated, the Board regrets any confusion that was caused

Congratulations to the O’Fallon Grand Prix race director and team. Their race, now in its 8th year, is regarded as one of the best in the region. The O’Fallon Grand Prix has also been designated the Illinois State Championship Road Race on 5 previous occasions.

MOBRA racer Lauryn Humphrey has posted a blog of her experience at USACycling National Championships last September.

I never could have imagined that by riding a bike I would have found a community of people and a group of friends like I have, but that is exactly what happened. Racing has opened doors for me that I was unaware of. I have traveled and met amazing people. I have pushed myself in ways I never thought possible. Ultimately it has transformed my life.

Lauryn’s post