USACycling 2 year license offer

If you’re a previously licensed rider who hasn’t renewed your license this year watch your inbox for an email from USACycling. The offer will get you a license for the remainder of this year and all of next year for $25 less than the cost of both licenses combined.

This is an especially attractive deal for CX racers who have not renewed yet this year because they didn’t race road or MTB. With this program you’ll be able to get 2 seasons of CX at a really good price.

Details coming soon


MOBRA Meeting Agenda for Aug-2016

  1. Bylaw Amendment – table for Sept meeting pending new edits
  2. CX state championship race applications – review & vote
  3. State Championship Categories to be listed in the bylaws – assign owner
  4. Previously approved BARR bylaws amendment about overlapping categories – completed?
  5. O’Fallon Cup Criterium: in good standing
  6. Bylaw amendment: State Championship races with USAC rule book guidelines – assign owner
  7. Amy Strahan: Women’s Masters Categories proposal

July MOBRA Mtg Agenda

MOBRA’s July agenda is set. In addition to regular business there are a few items you may be very interested in:

  1. BARR category consistency year-to-year
  2. Inclusion of one or more Masters Women categories in BARR
  3. Alignment of BARR race distance requirements with category upgrade requirements
  4. Vote on state championship race selection by-law amendment
As always all comments and feedback are welcome
The July meeting will be held in the usual place on the 2nd floor of Sieck Hall, Concordia Seminary, at 7:00PM on July 11th

MOBRA has Lost a Dear Friend

It is with a heavy heart we pass along some sad news this morning. Today MOBRA lost a life-long friend and bicycling advocate, Mike Murray, to cancer.

Our most heartfelt condolences to Mike’s family.

Mike’s funeral will be on Monday at the St. Louis Cathedral at 10:00 am. A remembrance and gathering will take place at the Visitor’s Center in Forest Park on Sunday from 3:00 pm to 6:00 or so.