November Meeting Recap-THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW!

There were 4 Board nomination forms submitted in October for a vote from the 4 incumbent board members. All were elected to another term. This leaves the MOBRA Board members at 8 members. There is one spot available. If interested, please submit a Board Nomination form to the board contact listed on form under the Applications section.

The 2015 race calendar was approved and ratified. Those that submitted race dates received their specific date at a first come first serve basis and new race dates after the incumbent dates were set were also added for 2015. There will be more racer days in 2015. This is very exciting! The MOBRA calendar has been updated to reflect these new dates.

If you are a Race Director and want to apply to have your race considered for a State Championship Race (Road, Time Trial or Criterium) in 2015, applications must be submitted by the end of November! The State Championship Race Application is under the Applications section. Please submit those back to by November 30. These will be considered and ratified at the December meeting.

Likewise, if you want your race to be put on the BAR race schedule for 2015 you need to submit your race BAR application listed under the Application section by December 31 for consideration. These events will be considered and ratified into the calendar at the January meeting.

Due to calendar printing, there can not be any exceptions after these deadlines!

See meeting minutes for more details about the Nov 10 meeting.



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