MOBRA Celebration – this Saturday!

MOBRA Celebrates a great year in bike racing. Following the Gateway Cross Cup this Saturday, October 25, we will celebrate the accomplishments of those who won the 2014 BAR Points Championships. And because MOBRA hasn’t hosted this event since 2010, we will be honoring those that won BAR in 2011, 2012 and 2013 also.

It has been a rather special year for MOBRA and a lot of individuals that race in our state. We will also be recognizing 2 Collegiate Champions, 3 National Champions and 2 World Champions.

There will be food, drinks, music, photo ops and definitely fellowship with our friends from the community. Come out and congratulate those on a successful season of bike racing.

The awards program will start at 8:30 and doors will open at 8:00. The venue is The Gathering Place located at 550 Vance Rd. in Valley Park, MO. It is next door to Tj Wings. Each MOBRA rider, UCI guest from Gateway, and guests racing Gateway Cross from out of town are welcome to come and enjoy the party. Please bring a +1 if you want. This is a bar atmosphere so we ask that you don’t bring children.

MOBRA looks forward to celebrating the year with each of you!

2014 MOBRA Score Listings


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