NEW MOBRA SESSION STARTS Monday, August 11, 2014. 8:00 pm-9:00 pm

Calling all USAC MOBRA members. If you have a USA Cycling license and live in MO then you are a member of MOBRA. The Missouri Bike Racing Association. MOBRA meetings are held usually every second Monday of the month. MOBRA took 2 months off this summer to get ready for what will be a HUGE year for MOBRA in 2014/2015. Monday’s main meeting topic will be the updated and proposed NEW by-laws for which how MOBRA will operate moving forward. MOBRA has had by-laws listed on the website for quite some time; however, MOBRA has operated mostly under a completely different structure for at least the last two sessions. Most of the amendments in the current by-laws are simply out of date. This was something that has been desperately needed for several years.

The truth is, MOBRA isn’t just made up of 9 board members. It is made up of the several hundred licensed USAC riders that fall underneath its umbrella as members. You are the driving force behind what MOBRA does. Under the current by-laws, they state that ONE representative from each club or team gets a VOTE representing the majority for their team or club. Therefore, this meeting is designed as such that you get to print off the proposed changes, discuss prior to the meeting Monday, then attend the meeting and voice your concerns or praises for the changes. In SEPTEMBER, you will then vote on making these changes permanent unless the team or club reps feel a vote can be taken after discussion Monday.

The MOBRA meetings are held at Concordia Seminary, located at the following address:

801 Seminary Place

Sieck Hall (Building 21), 2nd Floor

St. Louis, MO 63105

For those of you that are in Columbia, Springfield and Kansas City we have a teleconferencing system for you to call into and still be a part of the meeting. The system has been upgraded a bit so the last few calls have gone pretty well. Don’t let the distance deter you from getting involved. A separate email will be sent to most of you in those areas with the call in number and passcode.

Just a note on the by-laws. Article 10 is about BAR. Best All-Around Rider competition. This is the only article in the changes that we have been currently using.

Attached are the changes. MOBRA Bylaws-May 12



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